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London Week 3: Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum

View from the Royal Observatory Greenwich (Brendan Mulcahey/UConn School of Business)
View from the Royal Observatory Greenwich (Brendan Mulcahey/UConn School of Business)

My third week in London was rather relaxed compared to the first two. I had a full 5 days of classes followed by a weekend in which I stayed in London. I was sure to get in some exploring within the city during the weekend. Continue Reading

London Week 1: New Beginnings

Stonehenge (Brendan Mulcahey/UConn School of Business)
Stonehenge (Brendan Mulcahey/UConn School of Business)

Although adjusting to London was a little bit of a challenge at first, I have definitely enjoyed my first week abroad. Luckily I did not experience a large culture shock adjusting to London, however I have discovered a few more differences between American English and British English. For example, the production of zero uses a short “e” while their vitamin production is unique.

Since my actual classes will not start until next week I was able to explore London and the surrounding areas a bit. With my free time, I explored the major London tourist attractions like the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and The British Museum. In addition, my flat mates and I took a day trip to visit Stonehenge, Bath, and Windsor Castle. Perhaps the most interesting part of the journey was the fact that the major church in the city of Bath was covered in tombs both below the floor and along the walls. It was a rather interesting sight.

Overall, I certainly enjoyed my first week in London and I look forward to continuing to get to know the city and Western Europe.


Brendan Armbrust Mulcahey ’19
Student, UConn School of Business
Brendan Armbrust Mulcahey is a junior studying finance. He interned this past summer at Axcess Value, a small business valuation firm. A fun fact about Brendan is that during his freshman and part of his sophomore year, Brendan worked at his old high school as the technical director for the school’s plays.

Settling in Auckland

Auckland skyline
Auckland skyline

After 1500 km and 4 days of driving from the South Island we arrived in Auckland. It took much less time to move into my new home than my places at UConn. This is probably since I was only allowed a 50 lb. bag and a carry-on when I came to New Zealand, compared to the truck-fulls of stuff I spent moving out of the Oaks on the Square in May. After living in an off-campus apartment for two years I was moving back into a dorm. Continue Reading

My English Summer Adventure: Week 2

London (Nicolette Melia/UConn School of Business)

It has been two weeks since we left to embark on this English summer adventure. With each passing day, my colleagues and I feel more at home in our new environment. We no longer take our time meandering in the tube station trying to navigate our way through London; rather, we stride with confidence to our desired destination with ease. Continue Reading