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The Columbia Case Competition: A Learning Experience

From left to right: Ajay Addagada (MSBAPM, Class of Spring 2017), Zhouxuan Li (MIT), Yashwanth Musiboyina (MSBAPM, Class of Spring 2017), Esha Shah (Dartmouth)
From left to right: Ajay Addagada (MSBAPM, Class of Spring 2017), Zhouxuan Li (MIT), Yashwanth Musiboyina (MSBAPM, Class of Spring 2017), Esha Shah (Dartmouth)

About the Competition

The Columbia Case competition was organized by the Columbia Graduate Consulting Club (CGCC) of Columbia University, which was aimed to expose those students who want to pursue the field of consulting and have no prior experience in it. A total of four students from the Business Analytics and Project Management program represented UConn at this competition. Continue Reading

Landing the Job: Thank You, Mary Caravella

Professor Caravella and I at a Professional Sales Leadership event in March 2015. (Emily Vasington/UConn School of Business)
Professor Caravella and I at a Professional Sales Leadership event in March 2015. (Emily Vasington/UConn School of Business)

To put it simply: I credit Mary Caravella’s “Professional Selling” class (specifically, the role-play) for my job at a local TV station in Providence – WPRI/FOX Providence.

I graduated in December 2015 with a marketing degree, and spent the next few months applying for positions everywhere from Rhode Island to California. I had eventually ended up turning to temp agencies in the hopes of bettering my chances. Continue Reading

Opening Ph.D. Student Speaker Series

School of Business finance doctoral students with Professor Lewellen.
School of Business finance doctoral students with Professor Lewellen.

This Fall, I had the pleasure of coordinating the Finance Ph.D. Student Speaker Series. The purpose of the Speaker Series is to enhance the research culture of the School of Business by attracting speakers whose research is particularly relevant to doctoral students. Each year doctoral students of the five academic departments make the decision of whom to invite, decide the professor’s agenda, and otherwise facilitate and coordinate the professor’s visit. Continue Reading

My first week as a “Blue Agent”

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” -Karen Kaiser Clark

This is my first internship experience ever and I am super excited about it. I did not know what was in store for me. When my friends asked me what I was doing this summer I would respond, “I have an internship offer from IBM.” The majority of people would follow with, “Wow, that’s so cool! You’re so lucky,” and it excited me even more. After a busy term at college and even busier short two week trip to my home country, finally, my first day of the internship arrived. Everything I had known changed in a very short period of time. New friends, a new place and a new summer job! Like many, I am uncomfortable with a lot of change coming at once. However, as a person who always enjoyed new challenges, I decided to embrace this positive change in my life. Continue Reading

Living Wage or Personal Dignity? A Choice Workers Should Never Have to Make


Recently, a company was ordered to pay $1.75 million to thousands of employees who had to clock out during bathroom breaks.

A living wage or personal dignity is choice that workers should never have to make. It is also an imposition that employers should never be able to place on anyone. The allegations made by the employees in this case were primed to go viral because of how this conduct shocks our conscience. While the practice is unjust and unfair, it also illuminates deeper implications about how a workplace is managed.Continue Reading

The 12 Rules of Attending an Office Party in 2015

‘Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la laaaa, la la la laaaa……… which means, you got it, office parties!

The fun, and sometimes painful, time of year when everyone must be seen having a good time with their boss, colleagues, and “friends” in HR! A time when there are so many rules and potential missteps that everyone is raising a glass to just “Keep Calm and Carry On!”
As management professors, we often get asked by our nervous students, ‘What are the latest do’s and don’ts at this time of year?’ This year however, we have noticed a change in the questions we are getting. No longer are students asking if it’s OK to bring a same-sex date, or leave early if they have another (more exciting) party to get to (both questions are so last year). No, the questions now sound something like:Continue Reading

I Cannot Think of Anything More Intimidating Than…

nfl network studio

I cannot think of anything more intimidating then driving into an office with the NFL Shield displayed on the welcome sign for the first day of a new internship. Stepping into the facility felt like a dream and the entire orientation day flew by. On my second day I was just as intimidated. I learned quickly, however, that I could use the knowledge I acquired from my time at the UConn School of Business earning a Management degree to my advantage throughout every step of this experience. As a Project Management intern for NFL Films, I use the knowledge I gained through academic experience every day here. I have now been here for about a month, and I am constantly learning how to do new things.The personnel in the Project Management department are seen as the point people for every project that NFL Films takes on. Continue Reading

Second Thursday…A D.I.Y. Support Group


This is a guest post by Arthur (Art) Schwartz ’54 (CLAS). Art is a retired UConn alumnus, class of ’54, who built a small, successful business producing trade shows, consumer events, as well as managing trade associations and publishing a regional trade magazine.

“As the owner of a small business, do you sometimes feel alone and isolated? I certainly did. With another small business owner and friend, we did something about it.  ‘Second Thursday’ became the name of a group we formed to act as each other’s consultants and our board of directors.

We each agreed to recruit two or three other Small Business Entrepreneurs (SBE’s) and meet once a month for two hours over bagels and coffee.  The initial purpose we proposed would be to discuss the common and unique problems each member encountered.Continue Reading

Fore! The 2014 MBA Golf Event

2014 GBA Golf Tournament

Some of the most fulfilling aspects of the MBA program at UConn are the opportunities you have as students to become exposed to new ideas, cultures, events, and build relationships with some of your close friends while doing so.  In a first-year that came to an end all too quickly, some of my favorite memories have been those I’ve shared with my classmates, such as traveling to Illinois and Villanova to compete in case competitions, celebrating Diwali and learning the traditions behind the festival of lights, and working with all the members of the Consulting Club on their many projects throughout the year. Continue Reading

Leading Through Tough Times

“If all you’ve got in your toolbox is a hammer, all problems would look like a nail” – Abraham Maslow; quoted General Martin Dempsey during his speech on Leadership at the Geno Auriemma conference.

Martin Dempsey speaks at Geno Auriemma UConn Leadership Conference

There we were, a team of 5 accompanied by the lead for our Financial accelerator program – Prof. Mary Caravella; sitting proudly amidst all the action at the Mohegan Sun convention center listening to General Dempsey share his life experiences on leadership. Continue Reading