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My first week as a “Blue Agent”

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” -Karen Kaiser Clark

This is my first internship experience ever and I am super excited about it. I did not know what was in store for me. When my friends asked me what I was doing this summer I would respond, “I have an internship offer from IBM.” The majority of people would follow with, “Wow, that’s so cool! You’re so lucky,” and it excited me even more. After a busy term at college and even busier short two week trip to my home country, finally, my first day of the internship arrived. Everything I had known changed in a very short period of time. New friends, a new place and a new summer job! Like many, I am uncomfortable with a lot of change coming at once. However, as a person who always enjoyed new challenges, I decided to embrace this positive change in my life. Continue Reading

MSFRM Middle Autumn Festival Celebration

Middle-Autumn Festival is also known as Chinese Moon Festival. It is a time for families to be together, so people far from home will gaze longingly at the moon and think about their families. The event is open to anyone and everyone on campus. Delicious potluck dinner, music, dance, fun games and sharing traditional culture!Continue Reading

Advice for Selecting a College: Shop for Best Fit, Not ‘Designer’ Name

college campus

“Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be: An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania,” is the title of an outstanding book by New York Times Op-Ed columnist Frank Bruni.

After researching higher education in the United States, Bruni discovers and shares anecdotes of students who did not get into their first-choice colleges, and were better off as a result. His conclusion is uplifting.

Today, in our country, there are an amazing number of strong education opportunities that will serve students well. Yet students and parents spend too much time, money, and effort, coupled with stress and tears, seeking acceptance to the perfect, most-desired school.Continue Reading

The Investor Pitch

Charles Fayal

The iQ program is a series of events that starts slowly, and then accelerates very quickly. It all starts with mentor meetings, followed by the application, and then the final pitch to get accepted to iQ. Then, a moment’s anticipation, then workshops, a flood of new ideas, constant networking, and barely enough time to breathe. All the while, you’re working on prototypes, building your business model, and then…  Continue Reading

MSFRM Storrs Campus Tour

MSFRM Group on Storrs campus

Since the MS in Financial Risk Management is offered on the Hartford and Stamford campuses, we’ve been taking an annual trip to visit the University’s main campus in Storrs as a group. We start by following the Lodewick Visitor Center student staff to explore the School of Business, then walking across the street for a tour of Gampel Pavilion—home of champions. The visit includes Continue Reading

MSFRM Spring Festival Gala with UConn CSSA

Happy Chinese New Year! Spring Festival is the most important holiday in Chinese culture. Last Friday the MSFRM program joined the UConn CSSA (Chinese Student and Scholar Association) for the UConn 2015 Spring Festival Gala. The free event for UConn students included a buffet, performance from UConn students and scholars, and a lot of fun games and gifts!Continue Reading

Fore! The 2014 MBA Golf Event

2014 GBA Golf Tournament

Some of the most fulfilling aspects of the MBA program at UConn are the opportunities you have as students to become exposed to new ideas, cultures, events, and build relationships with some of your close friends while doing so.  In a first-year that came to an end all too quickly, some of my favorite memories have been those I’ve shared with my classmates, such as traveling to Illinois and Villanova to compete in case competitions, celebrating Diwali and learning the traditions behind the festival of lights, and working with all the members of the Consulting Club on their many projects throughout the year. Continue Reading

Leading Through Tough Times

“If all you’ve got in your toolbox is a hammer, all problems would look like a nail” – Abraham Maslow; quoted General Martin Dempsey during his speech on Leadership at the Geno Auriemma conference.

Martin Dempsey speaks at Geno Auriemma UConn Leadership Conference

There we were, a team of 5 accompanied by the lead for our Financial accelerator program – Prof. Mary Caravella; sitting proudly amidst all the action at the Mohegan Sun convention center listening to General Dempsey share his life experiences on leadership. Continue Reading

School of Business Perspectives

UConn School of Business Blog - Perspectives

Student, Alumni, Faculty Life at UConn Business

Life at UConn’s School of Business is about more than learning; more than teaching; more than gaining knowledge and a degree. It’s about Experience. Community. Lifelong Relationships. It’s about life in the real world and actually experiencing business challenges in order to learn. It’s about making an impact.

Which is why we’re introducing this blog: to take you behind the scenes, to show you life in the day of a student, what our faculty do in their spare time, why we’re proud to be Huskies, and how we give back to our communities, our students, our alumni, and the world.Continue Reading