Education Abroad

Settling in Auckland

Auckland skyline
Auckland skyline

After 1500 km and 4 days of driving from the South Island we arrived in Auckland. It took much less time to move into my new home than my places at UConn. This is probably since I was only allowed a 50 lb. bag and a carry-on when I came to New Zealand, compared to the truck-fulls of stuff I spent moving out of the Oaks on the Square in May. After living in an off-campus apartment for two years I was moving back into a dorm. Continue Reading

My English Summer Adventure: Week 2

London (Nicolette Melia/UConn School of Business)

It has been two weeks since we left to embark on this English summer adventure. With each passing day, my colleagues and I feel more at home in our new environment. We no longer take our time meandering in the tube station trying to navigate our way through London; rather, we stride with confidence to our desired destination with ease. Continue Reading

From New York City to London, via UConn

Hyde Park, London, UK (Nicolette Melia/UConn School of Business)

Prior to coming to London, I was apprehensive. There was so much negativity within the news which was discouraging; however, we persevered and continued this once in a lifetime experience. These nerves quickly subsided throughout this first week, proving we made the best choice. As an individual who grew up with New York City in the background, I couldn’t help but notice the slight resemblance between the two locations. History, culture, and diversity are on every corner within our London, providing a sense of familiarity for the city girl within me. Continue Reading

Study Abroad Germany: Week Two

Beautiful Switzerland
Beautiful Switzerland

An Excursion to Switzerland

This was my first (and only) full week of classes. The nice thing about Europe is they have a whole lot of Federal Holidays, which makes this last week feel especially long. One of the cooler language assignments from this week, was a scavenger hunt in which we left the classroom and had to quickly find our way to various landmarks by asking directions from locals. You can’t get that kind of language practice in the States. Continue Reading

Study Abroad Germany: Week One

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany
The Hohenzollern Castle, close-up.

It has been a pretty exciting and crazy first week. I have already done some pretty fun things. I got to start my trip with a long layover in Dublin, Ireland. Note for future explorers, nothing in Dublin is open before 9:30AM. Highlights include seeing the Guinness Factory (fun fact: they have a 9000 yr long lease with the Irish government), see the St. Patrick Cathedral, and stop in Temple Bar. Continue Reading