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Second Thursday…A D.I.Y. Support Group


This is a guest post by Arthur (Art) Schwartz ’54 (CLAS). Art is a retired UConn alumnus, class of ’54, who built a small, successful business producing trade shows, consumer events, as well as managing trade associations and publishing a regional trade magazine.

“As the owner of a small business, do you sometimes feel alone and isolated? I certainly did. With another small business owner and friend, we did something about it.  ‘Second Thursday’ became the name of a group we formed to act as each other’s consultants and our board of directors.

We each agreed to recruit two or three other Small Business Entrepreneurs (SBE’s) and meet once a month for two hours over bagels and coffee.  The initial purpose we proposed would be to discuss the common and unique problems each member encountered.Continue Reading

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Life at UConn’s School of Business is about more than learning; more than teaching; more than gaining knowledge and a degree. It’s about Experience. Community. Lifelong Relationships. It’s about life in the real world and actually experiencing business challenges in order to learn. It’s about making an impact.

Which is why we’re introducing this blog: to take you behind the scenes, to show you life in the day of a student, what our faculty do in their spare time, why we’re proud to be Huskies, and how we give back to our communities, our students, our alumni, and the world.Continue Reading