Hannah Browne ’14
Project Management Intern, NFL Films
Hannah Browne is a UConn School of Business graduate with a degree in Business Management. She has been pursuing a career in the sports industry for several years after she found her passion working for UConn Athletic Marketing. Hannah is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she is the youngest of five children. Every five years, Hannah and her father take their Harley Davidson motorcycle cross-country with Hannah on the back and her dad driving. View Posts




Mingyuan (Avery) Chen ’17
Sophomore, UConn School of Business
Mingyuan (Avery) Chen is a UConn sophomore majoring in marketing, and also an international student from China. She came to UConn as a freshman, and started working for the Daily Campus in the Photo Department from January 2014. Avery has been dreaming of being a racing driver since age 15 and it has gradually become one of the most important goals in her life. Another fun fact is that Avery has always wanted to go to Utah. View Posts




Seanice DeShields
Director, Office of Diversity Initiatives, UConn School of Business
Seanice DeShields is the director of diversity initiatives for the UConn School of Business with 20 years of experience in higher education. She enjoys working with incoming freshmen and graduating seniors as these two groups are often heading into unknown territories and need the added guidance and support her office provides. In her spare time, Seanice enjoys traveling, visiting wineries or painting. View Posts


UConn School of Business Dean John A. Elliott


John Elliott
Dean, UConn School of Business
John A. Elliott is dean of the UConn School of Business, as well as the Auran J. Fox Chair in Business. John is a certified public accountant with professional experience as an auditor and consultant. His research is concentrated on the role of accounting information in financial analysis and contracts. When not attending his son’s athletic events or visiting his daughter and her family, John and his wife, Laura enjoy travel. John is also an avid fan of Connecticut Huskies Basketball.  View Posts




Steven Graf ’15
Senior, UConn School of Business
Steven Graf is a UConn senior majoring in healthcare management. He is the former president of the UConn chapter of Global Brigades, a student-led organization that provides medical, public health, clean water, and environmental relief trips to countries such as Ghana, Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. With the goal of saving lives, Graf has recently embarked on an entrepreneurial venture to help patients receive the correct doses of their medications.  View Posts




Melanie Higham ’15
Senior, UConn School of Business
Melanie Higham is a UConn senior majoring in marketing, with a minor in communications. As a soon-to-be graduate, Melanie aspires to move to Boston and work for either an advertising agency or a nonprofit, focusing on content marketing, consumer behavior and digital marketing. Melanie also hopes to take part in cause-related marketing to spread awareness of important societal issues. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, drawing and painting, and hiking. View Posts



Melissa Ferrigno ’09 MBA
Associate Manager of Communications, UConn School of Business
Melissa Ferrigno works in the Office of Communications at the School of Business managing social media, news distribution, and email communications. An alumna of the Full-time MBA Program, Melissa’s primary area of interest is online marketing. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys spending time with her growing family, traveling, skiing, and deep sea fishing.  View Posts

Guest Bloggers

Art Schwartz ’54 (CLAS)
A retired ‘Happy Has Been’
Art Schwartz started an entrepreneurial adventure with $2,000 in capital and nurtured four small businesses into the smallest conglomerate in the world. Their activities included managing trade associations, producing trade shows, creating consumer events and publishing. You can check out his blog at  View Posts