Governments: The Largest Purchasers of Healthcare Services

How Governments Are Impacted by Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)

Governments are the largest purchasers of healthcare services in the United States and many parts of the world.

Nearly 50% of all healthcare in the U.S. has been bought by the government, either for their employees, or through public programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Because of that, governments are greatly interested in the costs of healthcare, in the quality of healthcare and in the access to healthcare. So we’re going to see more regulatory pressures on healthcare providers, insurers, and even patients, to lower the cost of care and improve its outcome. Technology will help to enable these organization to meet all of the goals.

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This audio clip originally appeared on the Connecticut Business and Industry Association’s CBIA Business Minute.


Robert Booz

Robert Booz
Healthcare IT Faculty, Healthcare Management & Insurance Studies
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