Study Abroad Germany: Week Four

EU Parliament
EU Parliament

So last week was pretty awesome. On Wednesday, my International Business class got to go to the EU Parliament building in France.

We even got to sit in on a live session (although like the U.S. Congress, only about 1/5 of the chairmen were actually present). Even better, we rode a street train into the city of Strasbourg afterwards and saw the large Cathedral in the city. Fast-paced, but exciting day.

Triberg Waterfall
Triberg Waterfall

Last weekend we got to go to Triberg to see the largest Waterfall in Germany. There was even a U.S. flag near the entrance, although I have no idea why (USA! USA!). Following this with seeing the largest Cuckoo clock in the world (size of a house actually). Then we went to Titisee and got to actually eat a piece of REAL Black Forest Cake, and it was the bomb! Just thinking about that cake makes my mouth water. Finally, on Sunday I attended a Renaissance fair in Germany, which was fun, although I couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying. Germans trying to speak in an old accent is very challenging for a non-native speaker to understand.

Until next week,
Marion “Ben” Nobles



Marion “Ben” Nobles ’17
Student, UConn School of Business
Ben Nobles is a senior studying business management with an entrepreneurship focus. He works on campus at the Veterans Affairs and Military Programs office as a Veteran Programs Marketeer and is the President of the Veterans Student Organization RSO club at UConn. A fun fact about Ben is that he has a single ancestor that ought for both the Union and the Confederates during the American Civil War.