History in the Making


Brexit: People Had Enough With Distant Bureaucrats Telling Them What To Do

One of my enduring interests is research and teaching related to values-driven business. I jumped at the opportunity to teach a law and ethics course in London this summer with 14 bright UConn undergraduates. Such a program is filled with experiential education – we visited the US Embassy, the UK Supreme Court, Lloyd’s of London, and the Royal Society for the Arts, among other places.

Little did I know that our summer course would take place right in the middle of one of the most important events of modern Europe – the vote on whether the fifth-largest economy in the world would leave the European Union.

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Exploring Cuba

A typical neighborhood in Old Havana, Cuba.
A typical neighborhood in Old Havana, Cuba. Mo Hussein and Katherine Pancak visit Cuba as part of a faculty development program hosted by the University of Maryland.

Cubans are Friendly, Well-Educated, Entrepreneurial and Economically Challenged,  UConn Professors Discovered

This is a guest post by Katherine Pancak and Mohamed Hussein about their trip to Cuba in June.

After 54 years of estrangement, Cuba and the U.S have reestablished diplomatic relations.  While the longstanding trade embargo against Cuba has not yet been lifted, there is greater engagement between the two countries and the general feeling is that it is just a matter of time before normalized trade will resume. The improving relations have prompted people in both countries to reach out to each other so as to learn about each other. We had the opportunity to travel to Cuba as part of a faculty development program hosted by the University of Maryland Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). Continue Reading

TED Talks

Provocative, Well-Honed, Brief Lessons Can Augment Teaching and Learning

TedX | Tim Folta

You are probably doing it too, watching TED Talks.

The acronym stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. These are brief, invited presentations, in front of live audiences, most of whom have paid substantial sums to attend.

The annual event began in 1984, and has evolved over time. Now there are offshoots on college campuses and other venues. Today the web makes access easy and most can be viewed after the fact for free. https://www.ted.com/talks.

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Faulting Companies for Legally Repurchasing Shares is Disingenuous

Financial columnist Andrew Sorkin, writing in the New York Times on Aug. 11, 2015, cited political scrutiny of stock buybacks noting “…a backlash from some investors and government officials, who have questioned whether such use of profits is a productive way to deploy capital rather than reinvesting in businesses and jobs.”

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Living Wage or Personal Dignity? A Choice Workers Should Never Have to Make


Recently, a company was ordered to pay $1.75 million to thousands of employees who had to clock out during bathroom breaks.

A living wage or personal dignity is choice that workers should never have to make. It is also an imposition that employers should never be able to place on anyone. The allegations made by the employees in this case were primed to go viral because of how this conduct shocks our conscience. While the practice is unjust and unfair, it also illuminates deeper implications about how a workplace is managed.Continue Reading

The 12 Rules of Attending an Office Party in 2015

‘Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la laaaa, la la la laaaa……… which means, you got it, office parties!

The fun, and sometimes painful, time of year when everyone must be seen having a good time with their boss, colleagues, and “friends” in HR! A time when there are so many rules and potential missteps that everyone is raising a glass to just “Keep Calm and Carry On!”
As management professors, we often get asked by our nervous students, ‘What are the latest do’s and don’ts at this time of year?’ This year however, we have noticed a change in the questions we are getting. No longer are students asking if it’s OK to bring a same-sex date, or leave early if they have another (more exciting) party to get to (both questions are so last year). No, the questions now sound something like:Continue Reading

The Courage to Say ‘No’

Sunset - Plane

Air travel is no longer glamorous and sometimes, well, often, just annoying – too many people on oversold flights, crammed into tight spaces, and fighting over whether it is OK to put a seat back.

Add to this weather delays, mechanical problems, TSA screenings, and having to pay for every little extra, and it is not surprising that the flying passenger is no longer a happy, friendly person.Continue Reading

2015 Business & Veteran Career Expo

Business & Veteran Career Expo 2015
Business & Veteran Career Expo 2015

Just three weeks into the fall semester, more than 300 School of Business and Veteran students swapped their summer attire for business professional suits and kicked their job search into full gear at the Fall 2015 School of Business & Veteran Career Expo on September 18, 2015.

When planning the Expo, we realized that students would not expect to focus on their job search so early in the semester, but employers’ recruitment cycles start earlier every year. In order to provide them with the best advantage, we challenged students to renew their search for full time and internship positions early in the game. We were thrilled to see that the students took up the challenge and owned the day!Continue Reading