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Study Abroad Germany: Week Two

Beautiful Switzerland
Beautiful Switzerland

An Excursion to Switzerland

This was my first (and only) full week of classes. The nice thing about Europe is they have a whole lot of Federal Holidays, which makes this last week feel especially long. One of the cooler language assignments from this week, was a scavenger hunt in which we left the classroom and had to quickly find our way to various landmarks by asking directions from locals. You can’t get that kind of language practice in the States. Continue Reading

Study Abroad Germany: Week One

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany
The Hohenzollern Castle, close-up.

It has been a pretty exciting and crazy first week. I have already done some pretty fun things. I got to start my trip with a long layover in Dublin, Ireland. Note for future explorers, nothing in Dublin is open before 9:30AM. Highlights include seeing the Guinness Factory (fun fact: they have a 9000 yr long lease with the Irish government), see the St. Patrick Cathedral, and stop in Temple Bar. Continue Reading

History in the Making


Brexit: People Had Enough With Distant Bureaucrats Telling Them What To Do

One of my enduring interests is research and teaching related to values-driven business. I jumped at the opportunity to teach a law and ethics course in London this summer with 14 bright UConn undergraduates. Such a program is filled with experiential education – we visited the US Embassy, the UK Supreme Court, Lloyd’s of London, and the Royal Society for the Arts, among other places.

Little did I know that our summer course would take place right in the middle of one of the most important events of modern Europe – the vote on whether the fifth-largest economy in the world would leave the European Union.

Continue Reading

Exploring Cuba

A typical neighborhood in Old Havana, Cuba.
A typical neighborhood in Old Havana, Cuba. Mo Hussein and Katherine Pancak visit Cuba as part of a faculty development program hosted by the University of Maryland.

Cubans are Friendly, Well-Educated, Entrepreneurial and Economically Challenged,  UConn Professors Discovered

This is a guest post by Katherine Pancak and Mohamed Hussein about their trip to Cuba in June.

After 54 years of estrangement, Cuba and the U.S have reestablished diplomatic relations.  While the longstanding trade embargo against Cuba has not yet been lifted, there is greater engagement between the two countries and the general feeling is that it is just a matter of time before normalized trade will resume. The improving relations have prompted people in both countries to reach out to each other so as to learn about each other. We had the opportunity to travel to Cuba as part of a faculty development program hosted by the University of Maryland Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). Continue Reading

Ciao! Greetings from Italy…

 Ciao from Italy

Thalia Mangan ’17 is a junior in the School of Business, majoring in Management who is currently on study abroad in Paderno, Italy.

She recently shared this email with the Office of Diversity Initiatives about her first weeks in Italy.

“Italy is absolutely wonderful. The CIMBA program [Paderno, Italy] is a bit intense, but I am enjoying it none the less. I just came back from Florence yesterday. The town was beautiful! I went to all of the famous sites like the Duomo Dome and Giotto’s Bell Tower, and went to see David!Continue Reading